I heart Thailand

As I get ready to embark on another adventure, it feels like an appropriate time to reflect some past travels. Also, since I haven’t posted in a while, I have a lot to talk about… Last year I traveled to Asia for the first time (Yay! A new continent!). And, I have to admit, I […]

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Minneapolis — Dontcha Know?!

Unfortunately, it’s been a while since my last post, but this only means there’s more adventures coming soon! Anyway… I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Minneapolis is pretty cool, y’all. So, I’m on this mission to visit all 50 states. Unfortunately, I was only 25 states into this adventure at this point, but on […]

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Cape Town: The First Days

Apparently, I got a little too excited about my penguin and baboon adventure that I completely left out the first two days of the trip! Not nearly as exciting, but here you go… We made it to Cape Town around noon on a Saturday. I could barely contain my excitement to be in such a […]

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The Journey to Cape Town

Well, it’s definitely time for a new post! Long overdue… And this series, I think, is well worth the wait. A few months ago, I get a WhatsApp message from my brother asking, “Hey, would you want to go to Cape Town in February?”, and of course my response was, “YES!!!”. It never really crossed […]

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Sweet Home Alabama

As I mentioned in my first post, I’ve moved around a lot. I’m a native Texan and will always be proud of that, but after spending 6 years in Tuscaloosa, Alabama (and with my parents now living in Birmingham) it feels more like home than anywhere else. Being only a short two-ish hour drive from […]

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Baltimore, You Are Lovely

Baltimore. I always heard it was a filthy, crime-ridden city that seemed to be cold and gray year round. My expectations of this city were quite low before I visited some friends there last weekend so, I was quite impressed when I learned that the fore mentioned statements were mostly false. Of course, there is […]

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The Chronicles of Doha & Dubai

So, I figured I’d give a little more detail about my overseas adventure. Since the Middle East isn’t well travelled by Americans (espeically Qatar), I thought I’d give a little more insight into my experience while I was there. The Middle East is definitely an interesting place. At times I still felt like I was […]

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