The Final Days

Our last couple days in Cape Town were pretty lazy, for the most part. We decided instead of trying to cram in a safari, or doing some other activity that would be an all day event, to take some time and enjoy the city.

That Friday, we went to lunch at Gouremet Boerie where we had some delicious gourmet boerewors (whatever that means. I copied that from the website…) rolls and chatted with the employees a bit. Everyone there was just so friendly! They also serve coffee, and this was the same place my brother and I went earlier in the week for a beer. The food is good, but it’s worth going just for the laid-back atmosphere and good people watching while getting a view of Table Mountain.


Afterwards, my mom and I decided to check out the street market just off Long Street. There are a lot of vendors set up, and a lot of them sell the same things, but there’s a wide variety. Definitely a great place to go to find souvenirs! They are a bit overbearing, as they usually are, so it’s good to go into it kind of knowing what you’re looking for a ready to negotiate. I think I got some good deals and I was very happy with what I walked away with.


That evening, we all went back to the waterfront for one last look at that beautiful Cape Town sunset. We mainly just strolled through and went into a few shops, got some ice cream, and took some pictures. It’s a really nice area. Not my favorite part of the city, but it is something to see while you’re there.



On our last day, we didn’t do too much since our flight left that afternoon. There was a park a few blocks from our apartment that we spent some time walking around, looking at the beautiful flowers and all of the animals. Since these animals are so used to seeing people, they were quite friendly. One guy had some bird seed or something and was completely covered in birds and even a squirrel hopped up on his lap! There were ducks and your typical park animals, along with a rat I found running in the bushes.






One good tip for visiting this city is to make sure you always have enough cash on you for a cab. Unfortunately, we learned this the hard way…

My brother already left for the airport and my parents and I spent all of our cash because we didn’t want to have to exchange any later. Of course, as soon as we are ready to request an Uber (since we were only able to use our phones connected to Wifi), the power goes out — Load shedding at the most convenient timing. Since there was no power, this also meant we could not get cash from the ATM. We were stuck. Luckily, there was ONE cab service that was able to take us to the airport and we could pay by card when we got there. An hour and a half after we attempted to begin our journey to the airport, we were there and had time to spare before we boarded the plane back home.

This was definitely the trip of a lifetime. I fell in love with this city — So much so that I’m planning on going back in a few months! It’ll be more of an adventurous trip next time around — A safari, shark cage diving, hopefully some kayaking… Everyone needs to experience this city at some point if you can. It’s a special place that will always have my heart.


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