The Great Outdoors


Day 6 consisted mostly of hiking and being outdoors all day.

It was my brother’s 30th birthday, and he decided that he wanted to hike Lion’s Head that morning. We also figured it was the best day to check out Table Mountain.

That morning, we started our hike around 9 am. The weather was really nice at this point and there was enough shade on the mountain to keep us comfortable for a while. We read about the hike before going and what was saw made it sound like it was going to be a lot easier than it actually was — At least, coming from someone who had knee surgery 4 months prior to this hike. The first third of the hike is relatively easy. It’s a little steep, but a wide, dirt path winding around the mountain. The next third is a lot of steps, but still easy to navigate. It did get a little scary at times because the path becomes more narrow and we were walking closer to the edge than I wanted to be. Being afraid of heights doesn’t help, (I say this as my hands are sweating just thinking about it). The last third is a lot of climbing up big boulders to get to the summit. This was somewhat difficult for me because my leg and knee were not in the best condition, but having my brother there for encouragement made it a lot easier. And let me tell you, the view was absolutely worth every step to get there. It took us about a hour and a half to get to the top. The area at the summit is very small, but the 360 degree view is unbelievable.






A very important note… WEAR SUNSCREEN. I forgot to put any on prior to the hike and was burnt to a crisp! Once noon hits, there are basically no shady spots to hide in. Also, I’m notorious for falling down on the decent on a hike. It happens every. single. time. So, of course, this time was no different. I fell pretty hard and twisted my ankle coming down from a boulder and was within a foot of the end of the trail off the side. With that said, be very careful.

Other than that, we met some very nice people along the trail. There were quite a few people from the UK, and we even met a Dutch guy who lives in Cape Town during the winter in the Netherlands, and goes back home for their summer so he has warm weather year around. That’s a pretty sweet deal!

Anyway, after we made it back down the mountain, we met our parents and took them up to Table Mountain. We took the cable car to the top which, again, was scary/really cool. It rotates slowly so everyone gets a good view on the way to the top.

There’s a cafe up there, plenty of trails to hike, places to sit, and you can even abseil down the mountain if you wish. I thought about it, but watched a YouTube video beforehand and chickened out. I can hurl myself out of an airplane, but can’t do anything else involving heights, apparently.






We walked around for a bit. I eventually found a quite spot to sit and enjoy the view. A few minutes after I sat down, I saw something furry scurry past me. It was a dassie! They look a bit like groundhogs, but are smaller, and they are used to being around people so they are not afraid of anyone. I learned this because while I was taking pictures of one, it turned, looked at me, and kept inching closer and closer until it was almost at my feet. Considering I know nothing about these animals and didn’t want my face eaten off, I decided it was best to give him some space. I did feel a little like the animal whisperer.


That night, we went to a restaurant called The Rumbullion at The Roundhouse that was tucked away between Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, and Camps Bay. All seating is outdoors and have breathtaking views. They even have chickens running around the area. We had pizza and wine, and enjoyed watching the sun set another time over Cape Town.








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