Cape Town: The First Days

Apparently, I got a little too excited about my penguin and baboon adventure that I completely left out the first two days of the trip! Not nearly as exciting, but here you go…

We made it to Cape Town around noon on a Saturday. I could barely contain my excitement to be in such a beautiful place and warm, sunny weather! I was tired since we were traveling for almost 40 hours, but I couldn’t wait to get out and enjoy the day.

Unfortunately, our bags didn’t arrive with us and I only packed an extra pair of underwear and a t-shirt. Bad call on my part, but I didn’t care too much at the moment… So, we immediately dropped off what we had at our Air BnB apartment on Long Street and walked to a little pizza place to sit outside on the patio and eat some lunch. I knew I was in love at that moment. Table Mountain was to my right, it was 80 and sunny, I had a nice glass of red wine, and the Black Keys album was playing in the background while we ate our delicious pizza at Bardelli’s. I almost felt like this was the closest I will get to Heaven on Earth.


Afterwards, my brother and I went to Gourmet Boerie to have a beer in the open-air restaurant and look out at the mountain. Again, Heaven. We ended up visiting this place a few times during our visit.


We caught up for a little while and then decided to continue exploring back down Long Street. We ended up at The Grand Daddy Hotel which Jordan heard about through some friends who stayed there prior to our visit. The most unique part of this hotel was not the name, nor the questionable elevator, but the Airstream”rooftop suites”. There was also a bar on the rooftop where we got snacks and drinks and met a nice, older couple from Chicago who were also in South Africa on holiday.

IMG_5537 IMG_5546 IMG_5538 IMG_5541 IMG_5543

One of the best parts about traveling to South Africa is that food and drink prices are incredibly cheap compared to the States prices. Most times, we were able to get a meal and drink for around $10 USD. TEN USD.

Our day ended here. I managed to stay awake until about 9:30 PM before I passed out for the night.

Day 2 was relaxed. We started the morning at Bob’s for a $3 breakfast. At first glace, I would have never thought this place would even be open around 10 AM. It’s a dive bar… that serves breakfast. And not a bad one at that.

$3 breakfast!!
$3 breakfast!!

Our parents decided to stay local and wander around Long Street, checking out all the shops. Jordan and I decided to take a drive up to Signal Hill and down the coast and do some more exploring. This was THE best decision for that day. I’m pretty sure I could drive this road every day and not get tired of the view. We drove for a couple hours before stopping in Camps Bay. We found a nice little place overlooking the beach to stop and have a pastry and a drink. We ended up going back to that area for dinner so we could eat outside and view the stunning sunset.

IMG_5583 IMG_5588  IMG_5560 IMG_5591

IMG_5595 IMG_5592


One thing I didn’t know about South Africa is that they have load shedding there, and honestly, I had no clue what that was before this trip. Apparently, there’s not enough power to go around the entire country, so different areas have the power shut off for certain periods of time a few days a week. It usually lasts for about 2 hours, but no one really knows how long it will be out [this doesn’t work in our favor a few days later]. With that said, dinner in Camps Bay consisted of pizza and salads since that’s about all the restaurant could make at the time. The power came back on and everyone cheered. It was a good way to end the day.

IMG_5620 IMG_5621 IMG_5623   IMG_5626


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